You can download a registration form from the Iowa Rabbit Festival website This year’s cook off will be a pre-registration cook off (No day of cook off entries). Pre-Registration deadline will be March 14th at 12:00 A.M. Entry forms can be mailed to PO Box 665, Iowa LA. 70647. All entry form info must be filled out including Team Captain name and Team Name. (Very Important) Entry fee is $50.00 for Main dish and $50.00 for Appetizer dish. You can enter 1 category or both, your choice. 

*Checks can be made out to Iowa Rabbit Festival. *


Teams will consist of 3 team members and 1 Team Captain.

Judging Criteria

Dishes will be judged on the following criteria:

Originality: The more original…The better.

Seasoning: Not too much…Not too little…just right.

Texture: Don’t want your dish to be burnt…Don’t want it to be under-cooked.

Rabbit Usage: 35% of dish must be rabbit.

Presentation: Display your dish like it’s the best

How to Turn Your Dishes In

Covered dishes will be provided to put your dish in. Place enough food in the covered dish for 4 judges to sample your dish. They are only sampling, so you don’t have to overload the dish. One dish will be provided for each category entered. (Appetizer and Main Dish)

Turn in Times for Judging

Each team will be given a time to turn in their dishes. Your time will be marked on your covered dish that is provided to you for your dishes. Your covered dish will be located at your cook off spot when you arrive Saturday morning. Turn in times will be staged 4 teams every 15 minutes. For example, teams 1 through 4 will be scheduled to turn their dishes in at 11:00 a.m. Teams 5 through 9 will be scheduled to turn their dishes in at 11:15. Teams 10 through 14 will be scheduled to turn their dishes in at 11:30 and so on.

Cook Off Spots

Cooking spots will be a 10’x20’ area and will be numbered with your team number on it. Your team number will be given to you upon arrival Cook Off morning. Once given your team number you will be directed to your Cook Off area for unloading. (Electricity will be provided)


You will enter on HG Chalkley road from the Gulf Highway side. You can enter the barn from the south side and only one vehicle per team will be allowed to enter the barn to unload. As you enter the south side teams will be given their team numbers and directed to their cook off spot. It will be very important to unload as quickly as possible and pull your vehicle out of the barn so that we can get everyone in and unloaded without creating a cluster with the vehicles. There will be a rabbit show going on Saturday morning on the south end of the barn so it will be very busy in the barn. Cook Off vehicles will be able to park outside the south entrance of barn. Any members of the Cook Off teams that did not come in the vehicle unloading will be able to park in this parking area as well.


What to Bring

Supplies for cooking (anything you need to create your dish), chairs, extension cords, grill, burner, tables…and don’t forget your rabbit

People’s Choice Award

People’s Choice Award will be determined by who the public votes on as the best dish. The public will be sold tickets if they wish to sample dishes for The People’s Choice contest and they will put tickets in buckets located at the cook off teams spot If they like the dish. They can put one ticket are as many as they wish. If they like the dish a little they might put one, if they like the dish a lot they may put a bunch. If you choose to participate in the People’s Choice contest be ready for the public to sample. The Rabbit Festival will provide dishes and utensils for the public to sample. Teams do not have to participate in this contest.

Best Decorated Cook Off Spot

Decorate your Cook Off Spot and Judges will vote on who has the Best Decorated spot. Teams do not have to participate in the contest.


Each team will be given 4 armbands for each team member. All other people will have to pay for armbands at entrance gate at coliseum.

Stay for The Weekend

RV spots will be available for $100 each. You will receive full hook ups, 1 parking pass and 2 free armbands for festival entry. Up to 1 additional parking pass may be added for $20.

Take advantage of our group promotion…as a special offer, you may submit a group of 5 spots paid together for a discounted rate of $400 (5 @ $80/spot).

Use your extra spot to cook, hang out and enjoy!

Check out our website and click on the RV icon for all the details and to download a copy of the RV rental form.


​Main Dish – 1st Place - $500.00 2nd Place - $100.00 3rd Place - $50.00

Appetizer Dish – 1st Place - $500.00 2nd Place - $100.00 3rd Place - $50.00

People’s Choice Award – Winner - $100.0

Best Decorated Cook Off Spot – Winner - $100.00